Free events

Sometimes you have a few random questions, some odd behavior your dog does and you want to make sure isn’t a problem.

That doesn’t warrant going through an evaluation, but it’d still be nice to know, right?

That’s what the free dog training Q&As are for!

Stephen visits dog parks and specialized stores to answer just about anything you might want to know about dog training!

For safety reasons, we ask that you come alone to those events if your dog isn’t completely comfortable with strangers or dogs. We also will not give out protocols for anxiety, fear or aggression issues during those events, as those require a more careful approach which should be done in private.

Check out the upcoming dates below!

Pawse Boutique

  • A different event each month!
  • You can always pop by to ask random questions, even if they’re off topic, but priority is given to the daily focus.


1937 Centre Street


First Saturday of the month, from 1pm to 3pm

Should I bring my dog?

Only if they’re comfortable around many strangers and dogs in an indoor setting.