Positive dog training in Montreal

Hi there!
A Lick of Sense is a Montreal-based dog training company, comprised of two trainers: Nina and Stephen.

We offer Day Training, as well as Private consultations in most of the Montreal area. We also have a blog with guides to help you out!

To book your evaluation or if you have any questions, contact us right away!

We’ve been training dogs for several years and work with all kinds of cases, breeds, and behavior issues. We will also gladly refer you to a trusted colleague if our services do not fit with your training needs.

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Life with a reactive dog: what are the priorities?

Let’s be real: life with a reactive dog isn’t always a walk in the park. In fact, walks in the park are often terrible with a reactive dog. There are small details you have to pay attention to all the time and it’s hard to pick out what matters and what doesn’t. Training, having visitors,…

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How to leave the dog park without having to chase your dog

Dog parks are a great way to let your dog play with friends. But it can get frustrating when the time to leave the dog park comes and your dog just won’t accept that. Here’s how to never need to catch or chase your dog when you want to go home again. If you can…

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Barking during play: what to do?

If you’ve read our blog post about play, you already know that barking is a perfectly natural thing for dogs to do when they’re having fun with each other. That being said, the noise can still become a problem for the people around your playing pup, not to mention the neighborhood. Is it really play-barking?…

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