Applied Obedience

Teaching your dog to come, walk nicely and stay in your living room is where things should start. But applying these principles in real life can be challenging! This class will teach you how to deal with the messy reality of the outdoors.

Currently, our applied obedience classes are only given in French

The course material and explanations are given in French. However, your teacher will be able to answer your questions and coach you in English too.

Applied obedience class content:

In this group class, you will learn how to train basic commands and get them to work in difficult situations:

  • How to have your dog sit and stay in spite of distractions around it
  • How to have your dog walk in an exciting environments, without pulling your arm off
  • How to get your dog to come when called, every single time

Together, your group will progress through the required steps to get your dogs to perform in more and more difficult settings.

The culmination of these notions is our fourth and final class, in which you will use the trained behaviors in the context of a visit to the dog park.

Because this class involves moving in close proximity to, and being loose around other dogs, it is not appropriate for reactive dogs. If your dog barks, jumps, lunges, growls, or tries to bite when it is close to other dogs or people, you will be better served with private consultations. If you aren’t sure this is the proper difficulty level for you, send us a email and we will help you decide if it’s a good fit.

Who is it for?

Dogs aged 18 weeks and older.
18 weeks and younger: check out the puppy class!


First three classes in Parc Monseigneur-J.-A.-Richard
Fourth class near and inside the Desmarchais dog park


Dates will be announced soon.
Let us know if you want to be put on the waiting list!
The classes may be delayed until the following week if rain or extreme heat occur.

How much?

235$+tx, per dog

Register now by emailing us at !

Très belle expérience avec Stéphane et Nina. J’ai participé avec mon chien Lucky aux promenades rue Wellington l’été et aux cours d’obéissance appliquée en groupe. Je recommande fortement. Belle approche positive, exercices progressifs et pleins d’astuces pour nous aider dans l’éducation et la relation avec notre chien. Très disponibles et à l’écoute. Les progrès sont visibles.
Sophie Niney pour Lucky
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