Price list

A Lick of Sense is proud to accept the 2024 Togo Card!

Obtain 20% off of private consultations, evaluations, and group classes all throughout 2024.
This card could be obtained by donating to Les Chien Togo‘s 2024 fundraising campaign, last November.

Make sure you let us know you have a card before you you book to get your discount!

*This offer cannot be combined with other promotions.

Group classes

Learn to train your dog in a group context, for a much cheaper price!

Puppy classes (Only available in French) (Learn more)260$
Applied Obedience (Only available in French) (Learn more)235$
On-leash Reactivity (Only available in French) (Learn more)280$

Private consultations

The classic: regular meetings with a personalized plan to work on your goals. Learn more

Assessment (60-90 minutes)145$
One session (60 minutes)125$
3-hour bundle315$ (save 60$)
6-hour bundle600$ (save 150$)
9-hour bundle855$ (save 270$)
12-hour bundle1080$ (save 420$)

Day Training

A professional trains your desired behaviors for you, then shows you how to use them when they are ready. Learn more

Assessment (60-90 minutes)145$
Two weeks (8 training sessions)800$
Four weeks (16 training sessions)1440$

All prices are before taxes and are subject to change without prior notice.

Don’t know which service best suits your needs? Let us help you!