Private Consultations

Private consultations are the classic dog training help: we set your goals and then work on achieving them together.

With regular meetings, we’ll progress through every step required to fix the issues you have with your dog together.

Consultations occur at your home or at a location relevant to our training goals.

You can find the price list here.

Stephen coaching a couple while training their dog in a private consultation.
Photo par Julie Senécal

How does it work?

First, we start with an assessment

This assessment, unlike the one for day training, is not free and lasts much longer. Our goal during this first session is to talk about all the things you’ve tried, set our goals and get you started with advice and tools right away.

Then, we teach you how to train your dog!

We always try to book your private sessions weekly to ensure a steady progress, but the sessions can be moved around as needed.

You’re not alone after your sessions.

You’ll have a session summary made specifically for you, so that you can review the trainer’s recommendations afterwards.

Information and advice given during your sessions are always something you can get in touch with your trainer to ask questions about. If you’re having issues, we’ll be there to help!