Hey there, I’m Stephen!

I’ve been a dog trainer and have worked in Montreal since 2016. Throughout the years, I’ve had the occasion to work with all types of breeds, mixes, and situations. Reactivity is a very common problem in Montreal, so I’ve seen a lot of that! My favorite thing to do, though, is to prevent it!

That’s why my favorite students are puppies and young dogs: I can help them grow into well-adjusted adults. I do this through private sessions, day training and in our Puppy and Applied Obedience group classes.

My approach to dog training

Like most, I started my adventure as a dog owner. It did not go very well… I adopted an adorable Malamute and did basically everything wrong. Frustrated and wanting to understand my mistakes, I became a volunteer at the Montreal SPCA, which resulted in my immediate change in career choice.

My goal as dog trainer is to help people prevent the terrible mistakes I made and establish healthy and pleasant relationships between humans and their furry friends. I work in prevention as much as possible, which an honest and direct communication: if I see a tiny-bit-of-maybe-behavioral-red-flag, you’ll know. I’ll also tell you why it’s important and how to work on that before it becomes a real problem. Preventing instead of fixing will save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run!

My professional journey

I started my career as a dog trainer in the De Main de Maître (now Évolution Canine) team for a few years, before joining De la Main à la Patte when they opened their centre. I’ve worked on several hundred private cases, as well as given group classes almost every week during those years.

I’ve gained experience with a lot of different situations, breeds and dog sizes: from puppies to severe aggression, passing by teenage troubles of the dog.

I’ve also worked with Wiggle Dog Walks on a few events!

In June 2022, I launched A Lick of Sense to offer dog training in Montreal!

My education

I finished my initial training in 2016 and, as all trainers should, I make a point to keep up to date on animal behavior science.

  • Comment l’équipe de comportement peut-elle vous aider avec vos patients « éditions spéciales » – Académie vétérinaire Daubigny 
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  • Séminaire sur le langage canin et les manipulations – Coeur canin

Reviews from my clients

We are so grateful for the wonderful help we received from Stephen over the past months. Our dog is very anxious and Stephen has been so patient with her and us. He is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable educator, and we appreciated the kindness and compassion he brought to the process.
Heather for Daisy
(Google Review)
Stephen helped me and my very reactive dog feel so much better! He has a very kind, humane approach and sets realistic goals for you and your pup to achieve. He trains both human and dog to make sure you’re both ready to take on the challenges you’ll face, while always reminding you that the best thing for your dog is that you take care of yourself. I will always be grateful for the confidence he instilled in both me and my pup. I cannot recommend him any more highly!
Shruti for Gobi
(Google Review)
I can’t believe how helpful these sessions were. My rescue dog Pippa is so much more calm, confident and such a joy to walk in the neighborhood. Stephen also helped me with my confidence and my ability to work with Pippa and help her grow. I felt supported and understood the entire step of the way.
Meghan for Pippa
(Google Review)
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A little more about me

I have an 8 year old Husky called Mirage. I adopted her from the SPCA in 2016 when she was about one year old. I had to work hard for her to become the dog she is today! She had an enormous amount of energy, and not much patience.

Mirage loves other dogs, she’s a dog park regular. This also makes her a great assistant for consultations.

I’m a big, big fan of large, long haired breeds. One of these days, you’ll see me walk around with a Leonberger…

In my free time, I play video and board games. I also love attending comedy shows!

I’ve volunteered for the SPCA, and fondation Grands Frères Grandes Soeurs. I cherish my time with them a lot!